abbreviation for Sounds Good
"I"ll meet you later around 5"

by k10leigh April 01, 2013
A gamer that does not cheat, is a good sport, a good person, and someone that almost everyone would enjoy playing with.

A gamer who plays with respect for the game and for his or her opponents; that is, a gamer who puts the experience of gaming ahead of the thrill of victory.

A gamer that plays because they enjoy the experience of playing the game and the challenges it presents. They respect their opponents and teammates alike.

A gamer whose vocabulary lacks the SERIOUS use of the words Noob, Pwn, or Bitch.
That punk trash-talked me after he killed me. He's definitely not SG.

I really enjoyed playing against Omaj, he's definitely SG.
by Ace McKIlty January 18, 2006
Slutty Grammar
Stop typing with all that SG…
by TotallyAwesome12345 April 03, 2013
smokin good, marijuana particularly
ya im sg everyday
by danksmoker/basketballpoker July 10, 2010
A slight giggle. What happens when someone goes ham on you and you cant do anything else but let out that fake laugh.
james: pewwwww!!! what are you wearing??

john: boy chill wit cha faded fubu tennis.

stranger: hahahaaha

john to stranger: idk why ur laughing cuz u were fresh for bout the first 3 days of school.

stranger: ...*sg*
by sj11 April 16, 2010
Pronounced, "Es-Jee". A common term for a "Silly Girl". This term refers to a female, (or a male who has femanine hair) generally a blonde, whio is intellectually incapable. This person typically stares off into space quite commonly, and procrastinates on homework. A typical SG will believe themselves to be "Ninja", or significant in any other way, but they are most definitely not. "SG's" make terrible friends and are usually jerks to the people who are nicest to them. Good type of person to make fun of.
That SG be actin' like a fool...
by YoMyMamaisLG! April 04, 2010
Sex God
A guy who is incredibly sexy and good in bed
Omg I miss my SG
He's so hot. I want him to be my SG
by Mooforyou March 23, 2007

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