abbreviation for Sounds Good
"I"ll meet you later around 5"

by k10leigh April 01, 2013
sex god
He is such a SG
by horgan August 19, 2008
SG (sincere girl) that a girl will down on her own social status or beauty to gain a compliment or recognition from a guy. Also trying to get a guy to compliment for her own self esteem.
As the SG says "I'm fat and I'm not good enough for anyone" the replies with a sincere comment "your not fat or ugly, your pretty cute". Gaining a compliment from the opposite sex.
by Syndxcvte January 07, 2015
Slutty Grammar
Stop typing with all that SG…
by TotallyAwesome12345 April 03, 2013
A slight giggle. What happens when someone goes ham on you and you cant do anything else but let out that fake laugh.
james: pewwwww!!! what are you wearing??

john: boy chill wit cha faded fubu tennis.

stranger: hahahaaha

john to stranger: idk why ur laughing cuz u were fresh for bout the first 3 days of school.

stranger: ...*sg*
by sj11 April 16, 2010
Sex God
A guy who is incredibly sexy and good in bed
Omg I miss my SG
He's so hot. I want him to be my SG
by Mooforyou March 23, 2007
smokin good, marijuana particularly
ya im sg everyday
by danksmoker/basketballpoker July 10, 2010

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