An acronym that refers to the combo any self-respecting sub-shop has on their menu - a sub, an order of fries, and a soda. Or, "Sub Fry Drink". Or, SFD.
I've got a hunger only a SFD can satisfy.
#subs #fries #drinks #fast food #combos #food
by thashaq November 07, 2009
Top Definition
A euphemistic text messaging acronymn that generally stands for 'Shit Fuck Damn'. SFD is often followed by an exclamation point for emphasis. The term is commonly used to express annoyance, frustration, or anger.

It is acceptable for SFD to be used spontaneously in courtship by a suitor expressing his/her approval of a desired lover's physical prowess.
Text messaging conversation...

Jim: Touchdown South Carolina.
Caroline: Shit. Fuck. Damn.
Jim: The preferred term is SFD.

Moments later...

Jim: They just scored again.
Caroline: SFD!!!


Ronald: Yo Benj, here comes that shawty...
<shawty walks by>
Benji: SFD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#shit #damn #fuck #wtf #acronym #sdf
by JimSweetFeet October 10, 2010
SFD is an abbreviation for "So Fucking Done."

It can be used when your friend makes a moronic comment and their best luck is to just stop where they are at.
Erin: "I make make illegitimate symbols too. Look. <#%. A waffle cone."

Hottie: SFD.

Erin: "Simon folows dinosaurs."

Hottie: SFD, Again.
#dumb #stfu #wtf #your done #kbye
by Gays Under Wood. October 11, 2011
Straight Fucking Down, or Straight the Fuck Down
Ski buddy 1: Hey man, which way are you going to ski this couloir?
Ski buddy 2: SFD!!!
Ski buddy 1:Gnar, dude.
#skiing #snowboarding #down #downhill #sfd
by fwankie May 26, 2015
An acronym that is secretly used for So Fucking Done.
There's no reason anymore. I'm SFD!
#done #finished #the end #no more #pointless
by Undine July 27, 2013
Sexual Frustration Depression

The mix of sexual frustration and being depressed about not getting it that night
I have a bad case of SFD, I wish I could go out but I have date night with netflix and my dildo
#sex #sexual frustration #depression #depressed #frustration
by spunkyy January 25, 2014
Stupid F-ing Drummer. The guy in your band that has all sorts of cold, heavy silver crap in his trunk that you must inevitably carry through doorways that are too small. Also tends to beat the $Hi7 out of stuff with two sticks very loudly. Often thinks he can sing and/or play guitar too.
Yo, during the set break, SFD was reading press packets so hard that his face melted off! Need an acoustic set on the quick!
#drummer #drum #drumming #band #stupid
by Joburocks November 17, 2006
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