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Serious Deep Dicking.
"Lucy always loved a bit of SDD."
by PsYko February 15, 2005
Acryonym for "Software Design and Development", a HSC subject. Basically, it sucks, and should be avoided at all costs. Even the teachers who teach it will tell you not to enrol in it because it sucks. For the tiny bit of programming you actually get to do, you'll have to use some terrible MS language like VB or C#, but most of the subject is incomprehensible project management mumbo jumbo.
"I skipped SDD today so that I could sleep in for an extra hour and a half."
"I dropped SDD and picked up ext2 English in year 12 and am now doing CS at uni. What a good decision!"
by Phineas Phreak April 28, 2005
SDD stands for Slightly Drunk Driver.

Very similar to a designated driver. The SDD will still drink but they will not get as wasted as their friends.

Because being sober around people that drunk is no fun.
Friend 1: Hey, wanna do a shot?

Friend 2: No thanks, I'm sticking to beer. I'm the SDD tonight.
by squidipus March 15, 2009
(n.)--Sarcasm Detection Disorder. The inability to properly assign sarcastic intent to electronically transferred words. Often occurring on AIM, Facebook, and other online chat forums. Usually results in confusion and hurt feelings.
Sam24: Say Elle, I'm going to rape you up the butt.
Elle92: I'm going to sic the NYPD and the Russian mafia onto your ass.
Sam24: Whaaattt? It was a joke! You are suffering from some major SDD, hoe.
Elle92: ur a jerk
by EmiliaLorena July 26, 2008
SDD is an acronym for Sun-Dress Disorder.

Sun-Dress Disorder is a mildly contagious disorder in which symptoms are noticable. An individual with SDD is usually a female older than 12, and is seen wearing a Sun-Dress at least three times per week. In severe cases, the individual may wear a Sun-Dress more than four times per week, and sometimes even in inappropriate settings, such as in pools or even during sleep. The individual may be seen wearing a Sun-Dress during cold seasons as well.

SDD is mildy contagious, whereas those who come into contact with an individual who has SDD have a 45% chance of contracting the disorder.

Medications for Sun-Dress Disorder are available but are not currently approved by the FDA, so they are not recommended as they may have severe side-effects. Psyhotherapy and SDD awareness education are best to treat or prevent SDD.

Those living with SDD usually live very normal lives, aside from the excessive Sun-Dress wearing.
"Didn't Beth Anne wear that Sun-Dress two days ago?"

"Yea, I'm pretty sure she has SDD. Her best friend Jackie wears Sun-Dresses all the time too."
by Shuuuz May 17, 2007
Software design and development

New subject available for schools in sydney, unfortunatley lots of cases of really crap teachers who don't know visual basic, leaving the very small majority who can use a computer prior to learn them selves
Teacher: OK class today! im going to teach you that you are supposed ot use IF,THEN,ELSE,ENDIF statement 4 times in one psuedoprogram!
by largo September 22, 2004
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