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the leader of a colt, known to the members of it as "the scholt".it is a religion with a schope and a schardinal. every word in the schantz religion loses its first letter and is substituted by the letters "sch". that rule applies to every word exect for "yag" and all of its denominations such as "yagging off" or "yagger yagger" and the word "sasq".
random guy is walkin down the street

schope and pat: SHANTZ!!!!!!!

random guy: hello schantz
by LIL TANK October 26, 2006
1) Verbal diarrhea

2) A middle aged man that still lives with his parents

3) An instigator of childish, stupid arguments

4) See also douchebag, douche

5) A person who thinks they are "cooler" and "funnier" then they really are.
I was trying to have an intelligent conversation until Matt had to schantz the whole conversation.
by you are not funny March 14, 2007

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