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Stony Brook University
A member of the State University of New York located in Stony Brook, NY where you can expect 9 out of ten people you see to be of Asian descent.
Stony Brook Stony Brook University Asian Long Island
You say SBU's not that bad, but not every school has a website,, devoted to why it sucks.
by Erik B. November 24, 2004
Abbriviation for the western new york school, Saint Bonaventure University, also known as one of the biggest party schools in the country.
Steve:Where do you go?
Joe:I go to fuckin SBU son!
Steve:No shit? I heard the parties there are bomb!
by Blaaake October 26, 2008
The condition known as Sperm Back Up usually because the wife or significant other has not taken care of you. The symptons are similar to PMS in women.
Dude, Andy must have SBU because he was a prick yesterday.
by KH33 June 08, 2007
The word that if you get Bubs to say, he'll loose his super power(being able to fly).
This shouldn't be too hard. I mean, I'm sayin' "sbu" all the time; this'll be a cakewalk! Or at least a sbu-walk
by Stiffy May 01, 2004
bubs name, when said backwards, makes him lose his special powers to fly., say your name backwards without the first b.
by moose April 26, 2004
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