Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. (Kingdom Keepers series). A state when a DHI (Disney Host Interactive/Daylight Hologram Imaging, depending on the context) falls asleep in reality, and his or her DHI is stuck in a Disney park, unable to return to his or her body. The person is stuck in a coma until their DHI is able to return.
Finn: Maybeck is stuck in Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, man!

Willa: Yeah... SBS....
Finn: We need to get him to the fob so he can Return!
Charlene: He's stuck somewhere in Disney; we know that!
Jess: We need to find him! Jelly is worried of her poor boy's comatose state!
by Fractal-Pterodactyl December 23, 2011
Top Definition
Sudden Boner Syndrome
by bert63 March 16, 2009
Sweaty Balls Sydrome
John: I am callling in sick because of a serious case of SBS.

Wendy: Okay, I am sure everyone at your work will understand
by Potterag September 26, 2009
Surprise But Sex
That guy was well stealthy mannn!!!! He nailed his SBS on that little whore.
by EpIcWeDgIe October 15, 2010

Acronym for Stupid Bitch Syndrome.
It is normally used to describe one's (generally a woman's) negative attitude that is unnecessary given the current situation.
"Wow, that girl's got S.B.S."
by LeashyIn330 April 14, 2010
Stupid Bitch Syndrome
dude your girlfriend has SBS.
Why does it seem like every chick suffers from SBS?
by Chefboy532 December 21, 2010
Acronym for "Sexy By Summer", as coined by BeefCheef
No way man, gotta eat healthy, SBS remember?
by BeefCheef May 16, 2011
Shy Bowel Syndrome
SBS is when you are staying at a friends or boy friends house for an extended period of time, and you're to shy to poop.
by Exposure to light October 24, 2010
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