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short for 'spazzy bitch face' used to descibe someone who is annoying and two faced. Used for online chat.
'she is such a sbf'
'she was talking to me, acting like friends an tht, then she walked out the door and two seconds later i could her laughing to her other friends bout how much she hates me!'
'what a sbf'
by catflap April 16, 2010
6 20
Short for "silent but funny" in Internet chats. Used as an alternative to LOL, where something is funny, but is appreciated without actually laughing out loud.
Bob: Dude, my gf made me shave all over. Now I can't stop itching.

Jim: sbf - nice.
by Bacon Curlers October 01, 2009
9 24
Sun Bathing Frog; refers to frogs that sunbathe in fountains in the Mental Wards of Hospitals and they always think they are better than you just because they are sunbathing.
-"Did you see SBF today?"
-"Yeah, that frog's a kyke."
by AJ_Kestel July 10, 2008
19 45
Short for Sexy Boyfriend
Hey sbf, thanks for taking me to outback last night.
by 5150photo February 17, 2008
9 44
SBF; shan't be f*cked; an abbreviation of the slightly more formal version of CBF can't be f*cked; common msn slang.
In an msn conversation:
"Ey are you gonna study for that test tomorrow?"
"Nah, I sbf man."
by lålå May 06, 2006
11 46