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ShaunaBaDheka... ranked #1 fool on every planet except Uranus... SBD has the 2nd highest voice in Berkeley (following "GOT A QWATA?" man), averages 4 hours of sleep per night, has the memory of a goldfish, thinks it's still the 90s, eats ramen noodles excessively, and is really good at face-planting.
"That weirdo is eating a bag of Fritos for breakfast and wearing a plaid jacket over a dress and is six feet tall and watching The Fifth Element... is this 1996 or is that an SBD?"
by Olivia is my pet rabbit May 15, 2008
some bad dick
some bad dick
A college girl came back from the health unit with gonorrhea. It was determined that her man had "SBD".
by andrew banker September 20, 2006
fart silent fart
Silent But Deadly
named after WWII naval dive bomber,
Douglas SBD Dauntless
EEEEEwwww!! Who launched the SBD?
by aCunningLinguist2 June 11, 2011
A sea-borne dive bomber of World War II, the Douglas SBD Dauntless. The SBD was the Navy's main dive bomber in the first two years of the war. SBDs sank all four Japanese at the Battle of Midway in 1942. Pilots often called their plains "Slow but Deadly."

A silent but deadly fart. A foul-smelling tile peeler eased into play without a peep. This is the favorite fart of the prim and proper lady, and is useful at lady's clubs, in elevators, in streetcars, and in church.
Swede Vejtasa was an SBD Dauntless pilot in World War II. He shot down seven planes in one day in 1942.

Melissa let an SBD right next to the punch bowl at the church bazaar.
by Cap'n Bullmoose September 24, 2007
Severe Bum Disorder... kind of like other SBD's but with a wet red rash on your bum pellet projectile.
Would you like to rub lotion on my SBD, it kinda looks like a wet red rash on my bum pellet projectile.
by Butt Cucumber January 10, 2006
South Beach Diet

..which can lead to other forms of SBD as well.
Man, the SBD's got me. Not I'm always letting out an SBD.
by Senyor Dippy December 01, 2005
A pizza afficianado's term, being an acronym for
"Sure Beats DiGiornio" used when Delivery Pizza
beats the in-the-box supermarket variety.
That Delivery Pizza SBD !!!!!!
by Mojo Mojowitz October 03, 2005