S.B.A or "Slut By Association" refers to a female who is friends with a known slut or whore and is likely a slut themselves. Obviously, not all friends of whores are sluts; an S.B.A is a female that one assumes is a slut because of A. Her attire and/or attitude and B. Her acquaintanceship with a known slut/whore
Damn, thats a skanky dress. Isn't she friends with Whoranda? Shes a major S.B.A
by BluewaffleChomper October 05, 2010
Top Definition
slut by association

when a girl's friends are loose, but she is not, she is still an sba
girl 1: all of jennie's friends are so slutty, but i'm pretty sure she's still a virgin.
girl 2: whatever. she's still an sba.
by nagxc13 May 31, 2010
S.B.A.S or (Sympathy Ball Ache Syndrome)
The moment when every guy in the surrounding area cringes and grabs his own balls after a horrific story involving the destruction of ones "manhood".
Also see Penis sympathy
Angie kicked Justin in the balls so hard everyone else felt them crunch. it was immediate S.B.A.S for the boys in the room.
by Jesse Lagers December 01, 2007
Super Badass, When one is so badass, that they are super
"Wow!, did u see Billy Bob fight that lion"

"ya, hes super badass(S.B.A.)
by cwierenga April 25, 2008
Spring Break Asshole. a person that only wears abercrombie & fitch and or hollister , all the time . Only wears flip flops even if its 50 degrees outside. Goes around screaming WOOOO SPRING BREAK. Person who lives life like everyday is spring break
look at that group of sba's always being loud and obnoxious
by topher smart March 26, 2008
Swee Bitch Ass: Used most commonly when In a work Enviorment do alert friends of a Hot Chick
"Dude SBA"
by fardog July 05, 2003
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