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1) The Administrator of Emuworld Dc.
2) The 48th most notorius computer criminal of 1998, aquarding to the RCMP(look it up)
3) The ex mastermind of the Indyville Network / Crash to Earth
4) E/N Legend
5) Member of the Communist Party of Canada
6) Time after time, the victim of false homosexual slander.
00:25 <S0V13T> Hey guys, it's me, S0V13T.
00:25 <Zack> HI SOVIET!
00:25 <S0V13T> ITS A FUCKING ZERO!!!!!!!
by S0V13T June 03, 2003
Adminstrator guy at EmuworldDC hub,, who forgot to pay his ISP bills.

He is missed.
15:23 <iK> i miss s0v. :(
by iK June 15, 2003
(Everything And Nothing Legend My Fucking Ass)

A person who likes the cock more the iK.
Wow, look at the dude. He likes the cock more then iK, I want to get his autograpth.
by Haviq696 June 09, 2003
Ex-Owner of JitsEvilGaming
Ex-Administrator of
Oh wow, I'm drunk, and mad - I think I'll de-op and op people, then ban everyone. I think I'll pull a S0V13T.
by S0V13T September 26, 2003
A power hungry but s3x0rz.
Leonid is a fucking s0v13t!
by Anonymous June 03, 2003
1) Administrator of EmuWorld DC Hub.
2) Russian supremacist.
3) Victim to/Violator of homosexual slander. (Often true, when victim to homosexual remarks)
My name is SOV13T and I prefer to spell my name with an O and not a zero. Because I'm a dirty red commie.
by NOT LILFLIP. June 06, 2003
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