Used to describe one with extreme astuteness, and very grand aptitude in general tests of intelligence. Antonym of Stup.
Carl: Thanks for the help on my homework Lenny, you're totally Smar.
Lenny: Thanks bro, it was no problemo.
#smart #stup #erudite #brilliant #intelligent.
by Emmett Arthur June 05, 2007
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Top Definition
A bay area baller that lives in Richmond. Famously known for being super beasty on the streets. He is a monster.
He is also a member of the East El Sobrante Riders.
Hey I say S-Mar on Amador yesterday; he and his east side riders click were tearin it up.
#bay area #joog #baller #beast #player
by Samari Benjamin October 27, 2007
(Noun) Something that isn't released until you pwn an individual in a game or sport.

(Verb) The act of releasing something after you pwn an individual.
"HEY, you ready to get SMÄR all over you, bitch?"

"Holy shit, I'm gonna SMÄR all over these guys."
#jizz #cum #pwnage #shit #rape
by [SMÄR] supern00b19 January 16, 2010
(n) One who likes to sleep around, and cause friends to brake up
(v) The act of F* around and runing good names
(adj) "ewww"
1. Holy cow, did you see SMAR? OH, shish son!
2. Don't SMAR me now!
3. O.O
#saramiller #miller #sara miller #smar #rams
by DrummBum276 October 26, 2005
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