The S is the sixth letter greek alphabet.
SSS means 666 or the Mark of the Beast.

Also known to stand for the Social Security System which is found under Section 666 of the United States Code Title 42.

Can be found on altars of false Christ's.
See youtube - jesuschrist fox

Some secret societies place SSS in each corner of a triangle.
What kind of symbol should we use for our money?
SSS maybe?
Ok, $$$ it is.
by Jon L Davis March 07, 2007
Self-serve sex. To masturbate.
"I had a little sss last night. Not as good as pussy, but close."
by erotica69 September 18, 2005
s- so
s- sexy

this word come from the latin sss
she is so sss

he is so sss

i am so sss

she is not sss

he is not sss
by botonya February 08, 2008
shady samurai soldiers- a hardcore cs clan in England. Their only good player is Qoo who carries the team
Qoo > sSs > OiG > Shit > Jonny
by Qoo December 03, 2004
Shoot, Shovel, Shut up

As in, to kill someone, bury their body, and not say anything about it
Person A: Man I really hope the cops don't find my stash

Person B: Well, if they do, just SSS.
by S. W. July 22, 2005
abbreviation for 'Staff Sargent Schmeckle'

term held in the highest regards for those fortunate enough to know and love the Staff Sargent. difficult to determine why military honors were bestowed onto it. rumored to be exceptional at BYB, but recent studies have failed to confirm this. generally a nocturnal, cave dwelling creature, it is able to survive for weeks without human contact or movement of any kind, consuming only beer, smoke and kodiak. use extreme caution when approaching the S S S, as it posesses 'force-like' abilities in getting you do do its bidding (free smokes, rides, beers, etc). only one known S S S in existence.

variants: HanDan, ShitFuck, BitchNuts, HaaaaaaanDaaaaaaannnssoooooonnnn, DannyBoy, etc etc etc
"Dood...have you seen S S S in a while?"
"No man...he bummed a smoke off me a few weeks ago, but i think he's hibernating now"
by GAR February 05, 2004
second skin satin. a fabric used for womens underware.
VS s s s thongs fit and feel great
by thongluvr December 09, 2005
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