Another way of saying yes
Second: Did you scrounge the mint?
Dunx: sss!
by Ast is mint September 01, 2006
seriously sketchy situation
person 1 "dude this party just got busted and i jumped out the window and ran through the woods to my car to escape
person 2 "sounds like an SSS"
by peach April 25, 2005
Skinny Stureplan Skank--

A word that describes the girls who hang out at Stureplan (in Stockholm) and all look the same. They have (fake) blond hair and tan skin in the middle of winter.
"Hey did you see that SSS"
by B. Anna February 13, 2008
the sss means- spank, scoop, squeeze
the song apache came on and eddie started preforming the sss manuver.
by jedi pwner 1 September 03, 2006
abreviation for "Sub-Surface Scattering" Physical phenomena, when light hits surface some of the rays bounce right off, but some get absorbed by the material. This absorbtion is called SSS or subsurface scattering, because the rays scatter in the material. The term is used extensively in Computer graphics nowadays.
Place your hand on a bright lamp. You can see the light goes through your flesh - your hand have sss.
by scroll_lock January 12, 2006
The S is the sixth letter greek alphabet.
SSS means 666 or the Mark of the Beast.

Also known to stand for the Social Security System which is found under Section 666 of the United States Code Title 42.

Can be found on altars of false Christ's.
See youtube - jesuschrist fox

Some secret societies place SSS in each corner of a triangle.
What kind of symbol should we use for our money?
SSS maybe?
Ok, $$$ it is.
by Jon L Davis March 07, 2007
Self-serve sex. To masturbate.
"I had a little sss last night. Not as good as pussy, but close."
by erotica69 September 18, 2005

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