The act of being Slippery, Sneaky, and Shady. In other words to do something behind some ones back or secretivly, either for being ashamed of what your doing or not wanting other people to know about it.
"Mike is so SSS about that girl"

"Did u hear how SSS mike is? he went home to Buffalo just to see that girl and didn't tell anyone"
by The Right Guy September 30, 2008
Slective Slayer Strength This refers to the strength of buffy the vampire slayer. When she can one moment kick down a giant door and the next she can barely open a jar of peanut butter.
Buffy knocks down a door.
Random Person Watching tv: And thats what we call sss children. Slective Slayer Strength!
by CoinedbyChris April 18, 2008
spelling seriously screwed

when you can't spell a word but hope the other person will get the message
when you are typing and can't spell but don't have time to look it up in a dictionary. not for use in school assignments.
person one: today i was highperventilating (sss)
person two: oh, right, lots of breathing
by nutty ning nong May 14, 2007
(Safe-Side Shit)- When one feels the pressure to fart, but it is more than usual so, they sit down on a toilet to let it out... just in case
Dude, I had an SSS today and i was lucky because I would have crapped my pants
by ColinTheWicked June 24, 2009
sticky sack syndrome, irish slang used by irish men to say that they need a shower/bath.
"i have to go home and take a shower. i have sss"
by little miss Ireland March 17, 2009
The three requirements of living for all men:

1. Sex
2. Sandwiches
3. Sleep

Usually in that exact order.
SSS is what keeps me going in life.
by David Schuerman March 21, 2008
Sorry So Sloppy

as in when one writes a sloppy letter.
dEeR kC,
dOtn eEt tHa puDIngG.
soRy abOutT tHAtt iNk smUdgge. -->
by Bruntanng October 14, 2005
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