Someone who suffers from a SEVERE case of SS syndrome that causes you to become moody, paranoid, and mostly crazy. Severe SS = SSS.
That girl is crazy, she definitely has SSS.

He just started screaming, I think he has SSS.
by foshizzle120122 February 09, 2011
Side side side
Used as a proof for congruency between two triangles, whereby each side of one triangle is equal in length to the corresponding side in another triangle.
The sss congruency proof has no real-world purpose.
by sixbones lol October 23, 2005
Sweaty sack syndrome; when your sack is so sweaty that you're incapable of performing day to day tasks, particularly because your time is occupied by whiping the perspiration with a rag.
Dude i cant play halo right now because this sss is getting all over my hand!
by friendofthebeanmachine November 05, 2009

derived from a NYC crew
Doze niggas reppin S's?
by S.S.S. February 06, 2005
Sick Sad and Sorry

You use this is when you're hungover or when you're incredibly regretting something you did.
I made out with my best friend's sister! I can't believe I did this, I'm so SSS
by dhdsj72 January 18, 2011
Slective Slayer Strength This refers to the strength of buffy the vampire slayer. When she can one moment kick down a giant door and the next she can barely open a jar of peanut butter.
Buffy knocks down a door.
Random Person Watching tv: And thats what we call sss children. Slective Slayer Strength!
by CoinedbyChris April 18, 2008
(Safe-Side Shit)- When one feels the pressure to fart, but it is more than usual so, they sit down on a toilet to let it out... just in case
Dude, I had an SSS today and i was lucky because I would have crapped my pants
by ColinTheWicked June 24, 2009

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