Side side side
Used as a proof for congruency between two triangles, whereby each side of one triangle is equal in length to the corresponding side in another triangle.
The sss congruency proof has no real-world purpose.
by sixbones lol October 23, 2005

derived from a NYC crew
Doze niggas reppin S's?
by S.S.S. February 06, 2005
Sick Sad and Sorry

You use this is when you're hungover or when you're incredibly regretting something you did.
I made out with my best friend's sister! I can't believe I did this, I'm so SSS
by dhdsj72 January 18, 2011
Sweaty sack syndrome; when your sack is so sweaty that you're incapable of performing day to day tasks, particularly because your time is occupied by whiping the perspiration with a rag.
Dude i cant play halo right now because this sss is getting all over my hand!
by CrazyBenny November 05, 2009
(Safe-Side Shit)- When one feels the pressure to fart, but it is more than usual so, they sit down on a toilet to let it out... just in case
Dude, I had an SSS today and i was lucky because I would have crapped my pants
by ColinTheWicked June 24, 2009
The acronym SSS refers to a secret society of brothers, members of which include 2 former U.S. presidents and various owners of Fortune 500 Companies. Although the words for each S in the acronym are not known, it is known that they do not represent any Greek letters or affiliations with any established organizations. Membership is granted selectively and sparingly, and knowledge of activities and existence is limited to brothers.
No known examples to illustrate the SSS because of its extreme anonymity and secrecy.
by anonymous34782 December 11, 2008
The act of being Slippery, Sneaky, and Shady. In other words to do something behind some ones back or secretivly, either for being ashamed of what your doing or not wanting other people to know about it.
"Mike is so SSS about that girl"

"Did u hear how SSS mike is? he went home to Buffalo just to see that girl and didn't tell anyone"
by The Right Guy September 30, 2008

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