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SELLIN KIDS COKE: the killa est graf crew to grace you moms veeger sonny... to sell kids coke steal krylon cans... to suicide kill comandos... all those are proper ill terms for that shit son S K C what
SKC: he was a true ass skc when he sold that kid coke... s k c what.
by billy clarke February 05, 2008
Short for Screen Killers Collective, an organization of artists who screenkiller things and people for no discernible reason.
DOUG: I can't believe Robbie stiffed us for tons of money.

RAY: Dude, we got taken for a ride to SKC.
by Ninjabomb5thousand February 15, 2010
Shitty kid central
kids from nanaimo british columbia always talked about how they were shitty kids, n they were from central nanaimo so they shortened it down n started callin themselves SKC
whats goood
by Cashfloooow August 15, 2010
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