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security on the block
Man, we gonna have to control this block, I need some peeps up on "s" to watch out for the poleece.
by JayByrd July 03, 2006
It's short for the Spanish word for "Gangster" (can’t recall the word, but I starts with an S). However, it sounds like "ese" when pronounced. Same thing if you said "G". This means "What's up G" and "What's up S (ese)" both mean the same thing, namely, “What's up gangster”.
Homie 1: What's up S (ese)?
Homie 2: Nothing G.
by bobie August 19, 2005
to run or get away really fast.
"Shit dem guys r gonna batter the fuck outta us we better s!"

"damn the police jus saw ur zoot lets s outta here!2
by nitrousoxide February 10, 2004
lasy version of "st" wich is a lasy version of "stf" wich is a lasy version of "stfu" wich is a lasy version of "shut the fuck up" wich is a short version of "stop speaking now your fucking n00b or else i trow somthing hard at your face with a great force .n00b. "
"munky s now"
"hello can you please s or else"
by The maker January 17, 2005
Short for Salvia.
My homeboy Pepe trip-sat while I hit some S.
by Mistahtom January 15, 2006