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S/E: Save And Exit. A word meaning to Quit, Giveup, Your Garbage, You Suck, Noob.
My new acronym: S/E "Save And Exit"

Meaning, Quit, Giveup, Your Garbage.

Used in the gaming community.
by Fogles July 23, 2006
Easy Way For Cool Kid To Tell Save And Exit In The Game Diablo 2
Omg I own you noob , s/e plz
by FrogZor July 11, 2006
Simply put, it means "Self-explanatory"
james56: wuts 'eat shit' mean?
markfark: its s/e

student: once u go 2 'n enter the info, turning n ur paper is s/e
by funkeywoookey March 24, 2008

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