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The standard aussie side dish with BBQ, seafood or anything.
Geez Bruce.. your missus makes a beaut s'lad!
by RodN January 10, 2006
2 12
Acronym: sweet like a dick; as in awesome, sweet, cool
That pizza is so slad
by Scott, Sean, Brian January 26, 2008
25 6
Shortened version you "Yes lad!"
Can also be used in the context of S'las, meaning "Yes lass!"

Originated from youths in Saint Columbs College.
"S'lad, the time has come, to RIDE BIRD's MA!"
by Conan Mackle March 13, 2005
27 9
it's short for shit lad isn't it?!
"i'm such a slad for my improper use of portmanteaus" mattyboi
by mattyboi_bro_ames-white July 15, 2010
7 5
Feeling sad and glad at the same time.
After my long vacation I was slad to see myself back at work.
by Jose M. Laboy January 21, 2009
7 6
Can also be used as a celebratory term.
S'Lad! Clan Na Gail just scored a point in the gaelic match!
by steve mcbride March 14, 2005
8 18
what happens when you type salad wrong
i want to eat a slad
by your mum is gay August 18, 2005
13 27