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A commonly used tactic or "legal fraud" in construction. Typically a constructor enters a stipulated price contract with a client. The contract is then manipulated to award additional funds to the constructor, usually placing a financial strain so immense on the client that the client must break the contract with the constructor and is still bound by the agreement to pay in full as well as any extras from contractual manipulations. Typically any work performed while the client is unknowingly being "S&T'D," is of lowest quality and and a possible hazard to public safety.
1) My husband and I were ecstatic to start the renovation of our dreams. Too bad we were S&T'D by our contractor and forced to claim bankruptcy.

2) Yo Streetknife! Cant believe dat bitch and er' husband signed dat contract. They gonna be S&T'D Faster than I can smoke crack!
by nativeranger July 12, 2014

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