S&S is short for suck and swallow. Goldshlauggers usually enjoy it a lot.
"Hey man, what are you doing tonight?"
"Well, i have to run an errand for my parents, meet up with some friends, see a movie, then meet this girl for some suck and swallow"
by Manyak November 16, 2003
Top Definition
S&S stands for suck and swallow.
"Hey pumba, what are you doing tonight?"
"Well, i have to run an errand for my parents, get something to eat, then maybe see jinan for some S&S"
by Manyak November 16, 2003
(noun) "Shit and shower"

The act of taking a shit then taking a shower immediately afterwards.
"Dude, I took an amazing S&S last night. It felt incredible."
by BrianPeppers19194 June 24, 2009
Shit and shower.
Hey, Joe, I'm gonna take an S&S real quick, meet you in an hour. Alright, dude, I guess I'll take an sns too.
by AAB September 07, 2015
Shack and snuggle, a girl/guy who only sleeps over but doesn't do anything sexual.
Gabrielle is a champion at s & s.
by Sleeping_panda May 18, 2010
Abbreviation for Shit & Squash. An act where a large woman defecates on the chest of a partner. Then out of nowhere jumps on to the victims chest. This causes the feces to smear all over the victims torso. Also known as a Flat Stanley.
Rob: “Is that chocolate on your chin?”
Matt: “No! The craziest thing happened last night. I went whale hunting, and this fat bitch shit on my chest... Which I'm into. Then out of nowhere she flops her fat ass right down on me. That shit went everywhere.”
Rob: “Ah yes, the old S&S, classic move from obviously a classy lady.”
Matt: “I know, we’re supposed to go out again tonight.”
by Matt&Rob March 21, 2008
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