Symphony and Metallica.
A double cd and separate dvd release where Metallica play with the support of a Symphony.
Metallicas S&M album was great.
by haz85 August 20, 2005
sadism & masochism

Where two or more people team up. One, "S" inflicts pain and/or dominates the other, the "M". Often people use whips, gags, and handcuffs to help. Also see bondage.
She asked if I was interested in S&M.
by Fingers McHunt July 09, 2003
Science and Math.....
Where do you go to school?

I go to NCSSM- the North Carolina School of S&M
by Wowza November 01, 2005
"Stand and Model"- Derogatory term created by sadomasocistic persons referring to individuals branding themselves as kinky; dressing the part, acting the part, but in reality are vanilla.
"Look at what Raven is wearing."
"Totally S&M."
"Yeah,... as in Stand and Model."
by Miss Solitaire January 02, 2006
Sympathy & Metallcica-

An album and DVD released by Metallica, in which Metallica plays with a Sympathy conducted by Michael Kamen.
I love S&M! It is the best!
by J January 14, 2005
Scott and Moeller.

Awesome BMX products. The frames aren't too heavy and are very strong. The customer service is awesome as well.
I used to ride the S&M Dirtbike Classic, Zach rode the War Pig, and Paul had the Sabbath.

S&M Pitchforks have a 1000 year warranty.
by Brendan January 29, 2005
a bmx company to which donovan and i didnt know the correct words it stood for so now is known to us as : SEX&MALT LIQUER
hey dude? what does S&M mean? "sex & malt liquer"
by mike hunt- bmxboard March 09, 2005
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