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Symphony and Metallica.
A double cd and separate dvd release where Metallica play with the support of a Symphony.
Metallicas S&M album was great.
by haz85 August 20, 2005
143 209
sadism & masochism

Where two or more people team up. One, "S" inflicts pain and/or dominates the other, the "M". Often people use whips, gags, and handcuffs to help. Also see bondage.
She asked if I was interested in S&M.
by Fingers McHunt July 09, 2003
119 187
Science and Math.....
Where do you go to school?

I go to NCSSM- the North Carolina School of S&M
by Wowza November 01, 2005
69 148
Sympathy & Metallcica-

An album and DVD released by Metallica, in which Metallica plays with a Sympathy conducted by Michael Kamen.
I love S&M! It is the best!
by J January 14, 2005
44 125
"Stand and Model"- Derogatory term created by sadomasocistic persons referring to individuals branding themselves as kinky; dressing the part, acting the part, but in reality are vanilla.
"Look at what Raven is wearing."
"Totally S&M."
"Yeah,... as in Stand and Model."
by Miss Solitaire January 02, 2006
41 123
Scott and Moeller.

Awesome BMX products. The frames aren't too heavy and are very strong. The customer service is awesome as well.
I used to ride the S&M Dirtbike Classic, Zach rode the War Pig, and Paul had the Sabbath.

S&M Pitchforks have a 1000 year warranty.
by Brendan January 29, 2005
46 129
a bmx company to which donovan and i didnt know the correct words it stood for so now is known to us as : SEX&MALT LIQUER
hey dude? what does S&M mean? "sex & malt liquer"
by mike hunt- bmxboard March 09, 2005
29 114