Sadism - originates from the Marquis De Sad, a sexual torturer who was uncovered as having placed women in a dungeon and raped them while inflicting pain upon them. To be a sadist is to enjoy inflicting pain onto others in a sexual way.

Masochism - to enjoy being on the recieving end of sadism. masochists love being whipped by crazy dominatrixes or freakish gang rapists.
gah! Don't stick that whip up my ass you crazy sadist!
by Joroto Rosario December 28, 2004
S&M stands for Sadomasochism. Which means Pain for Pleasure, lots of people like it this way some like to be hurt by people and some like to hurt people...... S&M is Erotic at its best....
I love sadomasochism (S&M)
by Slapme126 March 23, 2011
sadism & masochism
She was so obviously into S&M, based on the whips and handcuffs lying around her room.
by M4nd4 January 22, 2003
Sex and mothafuckin money !!!!!
Jaelynn: You want some S&M?
Joe: S&M??
Jaelynn: Yeah nigga sex and money. So do you want it or NAHH ??
by Kiss My A$$ !!! February 26, 2014
Short for the sexual activity called "Spaghetti & Meatballs"

To make one's hard noodle limp by having sex with a girl on her period. Very large and hairy balls required.

You get it, spaghetti and meatballs.
Ay yo girl, you wanna try my S&M?
by BoysIsBitches February 23, 2011
A kick-ass song by Rihanna, bitches
Have you heard that song S&M?

Yeah, its so kick-ass
by smesrules February 03, 2011
According to Queer Duck S&M means Sun & Moon
Kids: We were looking at your copy of out magazine, what does S&M mean?
Queer Duck: S... Sun & Moon!
by Sofanda Cox November 07, 2006
A live album performed by Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. One of the greatest shows in the history of rock.
S&M is my favorite live album.
by Peter September 08, 2003
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