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Shits and Giggles
Tony and I prank-called Alex for S&G.
by darkstar69 May 03, 2009
12 3
"Shits and Giggles"
just for the fun of it
We decided to roll a few bums for S&G
by Cindi December 03, 2003
100 22
an abbrevation of "for shits and giggles".
after i caramell dansed in front of the target in hazel dell i told everyone my reason for doing it was for "S & G"
by theonlywhitewolf July 10, 2008
12 9
An easy way to refer to the 60's dou Simon and Garfunkel, commonly used by fans when they dont want to waste their breath on three extra syllables.
S&G are going to be touring Australia next year. I hate not living in Australia.
by Green Sharpie August 21, 2007
6 24