an abbrevation of "for shits and giggles".
after i caramell dansed in front of the target in hazel dell i told everyone my reason for doing it was for "S & G"
by theonlywhitewolf July 10, 2008
Top Definition
"Shits and Giggles"
just for the fun of it
We decided to roll a few bums for S&G
by Cindi December 03, 2003
Shits and Giggles
Tony and I prank-called Alex for S&G.
by darkstar69 May 03, 2009
An easy way to refer to the 60's dou Simon and Garfunkel, commonly used by fans when they dont want to waste their breath on three extra syllables.
S&G are going to be touring Australia next year. I hate not living in Australia.
by Green Sharpie August 21, 2007
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