Rylie is a is just a horrible person who has no soul. Her main goal in life is to bring misery to every person to speaks to. She is a ungrateful bitch who is materialistic and only cares about herself. Stay away from her at all cost. She will only bring pain and misery.
Go fuck yourself Rylie
by 1357913 August 24, 2011
Top Definition
A beautiful, strong girl who has a lot to deal with but does it with a smile on her face. Rylie's are good actresses, so study their face carefully, because they could be smiling on the outside, but in deep pain on the inside (Their eyes usually give it away). She's the girl all the guys are after. Secretly, she's insecure, but not much. She doesn't like to tell people how she's feeling, or her problems, so if she suddenly erupts at meaningless things, then that's why, give her a break. Rylie's are smart, sweet, interesting, random, crazy, fun to be around, and very very pretty, even if she doesn't think so.
Person 1 "That girl is crazy!"

Person 2 "Heck ya! But she's so pretty!"

Person 1 "She must be a Rylie."
by B-E-A-utiful:) February 22, 2010
A smart, cute girl.
Tat girl acts like a rylie!
by offtehwall June 29, 2009
Rylies' are one of the most prettiest girls. You should always stay loyal to a Rylie. They are always kind even to those filled with hate. Never, ever will you see a Rylie be rude or disrespectful even when she is getting put down. She is sincere, sweet, pretty, one of a kind, and an amazing friend. Don't ever let go of a Rylie, because once you do you will never get her back. She doesn't like being lied too, but it's easy to steal her heart. She sees the best in people, even in the most rotten. She never back talks and she is never jealous. Never, ever let go of a Rylie. They have cute smiles and they are classy with adorable style. They always dress to impress, and always take a little extra time to look their very best. Rylies' have a lot of self-respect and they do not like trashy or unclassy people. Grow old with a Rylie, you won't regret it!
Rylies' are adorable and kind-hearted!
by stick.to.it January 14, 2012
girl with the best ass imaginable. amazing eyes. desired by basically everyone.
"what's that girl's name?"
"oh, that's Rylie"
"name says it all, brutha."
by hollaatchaboyyy December 12, 2011
Rylie's are extremely happy girls and beautiful girls. They will stand up for you and make you happy no matter what, so if you need a Rylie get one.
Cailyn: Rylie I'm scared someone's going to make fun of me.

Rylie: I promise they won't and if they do they better watch out
by 11gymnast May 24, 2015
A beautiful girl. A perfect rack that all the boys want in their face. Has mutiple guys always falling for her. She is the kind of man every man wants to be seen with. Great for everything from talking with to going on walks to having sex. She has the best performance with a beautiful body. She is a little on the short side but makes up for it with her amazing personality.
Woah who is that beautiful girl jack is with.

Oh that's rylie

Dude she is so attractive even I am hard and I'm gay
by Lovepeoplealltheday April 30, 2015
A tall, strong, handsome man with the besthair, which is soft to the touch, and has the best eye for woman! He is caring, and kind at times. But has a darker, worse side, where he is willing to inflict pain, and hurt if necessary.
girl1= "Wow, look at that Rylie..."
girl1= "Holy ****, that guys hurting him like a Rylie!"
by Anonymous girl at LHMS April 11, 2011

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