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The most interesting person you have ever met.
That Ryland is so Haute right now.
by Ryland Hilbert November 25, 2004
God's Alias; Perfect Form With A Little Tweaking And Tucking
"..and Ryland will bless your soul today said he himself..."

"...with a little bit of surgery, I would by Ryland..."
by Ryland October 31, 2003
Someone who is intelligent, generous, and caring and smiles a lot. He/She doesn't realize his/her smile is the most amazing smile in the world.
A) My best friend is definitely a Ryland.
B) The new guy in school seems like a Ryland.
by October Opal November 25, 2009
Ryland is an african name meaning "one with great strength and attractiveness." Also can mean "One with large penis" Over the years it has been used throughout many cultures with the real meaning skewed. If people really knew the meaning of this name it might be more commonly used.
That attractive looking guy's name must be Ryland.
by 69bigfoot69 December 10, 2010
When you go to a party, get extremely hammered, and throw up in all the places the host specifically asks no one to throw up in.
-"Dude I totally pulled a Ryland last night and threw up in the middle of Dylan's deck and all over his brother's room"
-"Didn't he specifically tell everyone to not do that last night?"
-"You need to get your shit together, man"
by Collin Charisma March 01, 2009
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