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The pattern of symptoms revolving around a complete and utter failure with all members of the opposite sex.

These symptoms usually include, but are not limited to:

Never getting sex,

All plans with the opposite sex fall through 99% of the time at the absolute last minute to make you feel even shittier,

Any relationship you may think you're in only lasting a maximum of two weeks,

Your partner leaving you after only a short amount of time for another person,

The new person you just went on a date with having had a guy over the night before your date,
The only people that want you live over 12 hours away,

Going out of your way to see someone who is a special person to you only to be broken up with after going through all the trouble, and
Having the previous thing happen multiple times with multiple people.

Basically having a case of Murphy's Law of the opposite sex.
How'd it go with ole girl last night? - guy2

Her sister went into labor last night so she canceled before she even met me at the theater - Ryan

Ryan Syndrome? - guy2

Ryan Syndrome - Ryan
by the woogier June 14, 2011
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