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The coolest person; most handsome sexiest guy; perfect; the guy everyone wants
girl 1: omg ryan o is soo hot i love him
girl 2: yes i know i wonder how someone gets that sexy
by telephone 1 January 06, 2008

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(Ryano, pronounced rhino.) Stands for Rip You A New One. I'm gonna kick your dumb ass if you keep acting stupid.
Yo, foo. You keep acking stupid I'm gonna R.Y.A.N.O.
by vistaman July 05, 2006
The act of shagging people's maws. Named after the famous Ryan Smith of Paisley, Scotland, as he has shagged everyones maws.
Haha your maw got Ryano'd.

Ah hello there Mrs Cardno. Fancy a Ryano?
by CheekyChonky December 15, 2009