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The biggest fucking troll on the planet. AKA the creator of Glee, American Horror Story and Nip/Tuck. Likes to fuck with the minds of impressionable youth everywhere. Dangles happiness like a carrot in front of people's mouths and yank it back at the last second. Is the crusher of hopes and dreams. (see not giving screen time to people, not giving ships a chance to sail. Not giving us a Kurt/Rachel spin off)

The type of man you want to to punch in the face and thank at the same time. Preferably punching really hard.

Could also be seen as a life ruiner.
"Ryan Murphy is such a fucking troll."
"He gave us the carrot of a Kurt and Rachel spin off and then yanked it away like the asshole he is."
by Ryan Murphy Life Ruiner December 14, 2011

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