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A Ry Poy Nat Shan is a type of person (also known as 'Ry Poy' for short) a Ry Poy is often found riding a bike around in Auckland, New Zealand at night time, doing a wave dance on his bike, rubbing his behleh while crossing a road at 3am, or alternatively calling out to the More-Beef birds or the Possum-Rodents. He sneezes savagely and should not be approached. Things beginning with the letter P are of interest to a Ry Poy Nat Shan, things such as Pirates, Pies, Puzzles, Photography, Primo, Panties, Pals, Poosies, Parrot-birds and with an exception to a few other words such as Squidgedoo, E Pon Mon Cho (not to be confused with a Poncho) and Minibus Dowlahs.
"I've gotta go now, I'm going for a bike with Ry Poy Nat Shan"

"We wanna go straight! But the bus lane only goes right! But we wanna go straight? The bus lane only goes right!" said Ry Poy Nat Shan as he discussed the situation with E Pon Mon Cho
by Eponmoncho April 11, 2009
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