The armpit of the state of Vermont, Rutland is unfortunately the second largest city in the state. Dubbed "RutVegas" by many, the town is a complete shit hole, and is filled with countless sketch balls, retards, druggies and socially challenged morons. Just cruise the "RutVegas Strip" (Route 7 south) or the Diamond Run Mall and you will immediately feel uncomfortable and want to leave.
What the fuck?! Why are there so many dirtbags in Rutland?!
by Steve802 October 16, 2009
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aka RutVegas. Rutland has the weirdest/sketchiest people in the world...just go to the Wal-Mart strip mall and you will believe me.
It is also the highlight of nights out by Camp Betsey Cox and Camp Sangamon campers.
Camper 1: Oh my gossssh, i'm like SO excited for our night out, we get to go to Rutland!
Camper 2: ME TOO OH MY GODDD...i absolutely can't wait to go to RutVegas and get lucky!
by Bekah E November 13, 2006

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