Rutland is a town located geographically in the center of Massachusetts.
The town is primarily white lower to middle class families.

Rutland adults tend to spend all day at work and have drinking problems when they get home.
Kids from Rutland are sweet and innocent until 6th grade at which point they all start to do drugs or have sex.
The teens from Rutland are famous in the surrounding towns for sleeping around. The surrounding towns refer to Rutland as Slutland.
Rutland Kids sell a lot of drugs, often conducting drug deals at the basketball court right behind the police station.
Most of the girls are "bisexual" because they think its cool and like to impress guys by making out with other girls.
The police in Rutland like to get drunk on duty and frequently have affairs behind their wives backs.
Rutland is basically just a bunch of promiscuous drug addicted kids, abusive police and alcohol loving workaholic adults.

Stay out of Rutland, the only good thing is the parties and those parties will probably get you killed.
Scene: Wachusett Regional High School

Student A: Hey dude whats up?
Student B: Nothing much, I've been studying for midterms mostly
Rutland kid walks by
Student A: Wow that kid reeked of weed.
Student B: Yah hes from Rutland, he's failing all his classes, sells mad weed, his parents are alcoholics and hes dating Jennifer.
Student A: Isn't Jennifer the girl from Rutland Massachusetts who slept with the whole football team while dating 4 other people at once?
Student B: Yah, but all girls from Rutland are like that. You should meet some of Jennifer's Rutland friends. They make her look prude.
by WachuKid January 21, 2013
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