A person who knows everything and can't be told otherwise. Their stories can be old or exaggerated and can sometimes contain a morsel of truth. They often interrupt your story to tell their story because they have to be heard and can tell stories better than you. They are thirsty for attention and are known for diarrhea of the mouth. They also thrive at topping whatever you say. There is nothing that you can say or do that they haven't seen, heard or done. Simply stated, "They Know Everything"
1. Mother Goose has nothing on Rusty Mekateen, she's to fairytale-ish.
2. A grandfather was sitting around telling stories of what he has seen in all his years on this planet and the kids were really interested until little Johnny pulled a Rusty Mekateen and caught everyones attention.
3. When it came time to pick people for Trivial Pursuit, Petey asked who could best portray Rusty Mekateen.
4. Harry thought he had won the debate until I pulled a rusty mekateen and blew him away.
by Max Nova July 04, 2009
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