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A man or woman from rural sections of any nation that acts as if they are in the hipster scene and pretend to be cool and up to current events.

A hipster poser
That girl at the rural coffee shop is a real ruster, trying to be all cool and shit with her indie music.
by LeeAP August 29, 2012
0 2
A cock
Dude, my ruster itches.
by bill November 19, 2002
6 5
See Duster

(adj.) Someone who has not been used in so long that they have become rusty. (suck)
"Conor Merrill rides the bench the whole game. This making him a ruster"
by GivingDome May 02, 2009
2 3
derogitory term for Piru's
Fuck tea time rustersz Cuz!!!
by Loc- O [bk] June 22, 2004
4 9