the chances of farting or droping a brown trout into the ocean.
when your pants are on brown trouser alert and your not sure whether your going to carefully lay a mud child or fart, but you still take the chance.
by David Oliver March 17, 2004
Top Definition
A two player game in which the opponents lay on their backs, with asses facing each other. A lit candle is placed between the lines of fire and the first player to ignite their opponent with a blast of fiery methane, wins.
Jack and Jill played an intense game of Russian Poolette last night. Jack got third degree burns on his ballsack.
by Business Horse March 04, 2012
The act of eating Taco Bell. You never know if it will settle peacefully or cause raging diarrea.
Man I sure lost that game of Russian Poolette today. I think I need some Chipotle-Away.
by crazyone1981 July 21, 2010
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