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The Russian War (also known as the Russian-English War) started on November 23rd, 2009. Though the exact time cannot be provided, it is estimated that the Russian War started around 7:00PM. Katelyn Ross, an English anti-Russian accent female activist is at the root of this war. With Emile Chuck Norris' Fortier as her first worshiper, Kateland (Katelyn Ross) became a dictator who would ignite and direct a war that is estimated to last for the next week or two.

How the war started:

Russian Guy: Where is the bathroom? (Russian Accent)
Katelyn: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Not the Russian English accent! NOOOOOOOO!!! We are doomed!!
Russian Guy: Hunh????

The Katelyn-Russian war will be one of the most intense wars in the history of the world.

Note: The Katelyn-Russian war led to American believing that:

Canada + russians = communists
Canada + higher taxes + free health care + cheaper universities = communism
Canada + russians + free health care = free health care for communists
Canada + free health care for communists = free health care for Castro!!!
Canada = Communism
Communism = War
Canada = WAR!!!!

Therefore, Americans will nuke Canada and jack all their natural resources.
A big Eskimo in a Yack's pooper.

When a fat woman has an enormous crap that hurts her anus: she yells ''FOR FUCKING RUSSIAN WAR'S SAKE!!!!''

Random note:

There's a town called Fucking in Austria... just thought I'd let you know
by Emile Fortier February 23, 2009
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