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Often confused for the common yet un-named sexual act where a woman bakes a cake and then eats it off of another woman's ass, a Russian Bake Sale is when you bake Bread, Cookies, or Muffins using traditional Russian recipes and then sell them to tourists.
Lisa:You know, we did an awesome Russian Bake sale yesterday!
Amanda:You ate a cake off of your girlfriend's ass!?
Lisa:What!? No! We sold Russian Tea Cakes and Paczki Doughnuts
by Bakky May 05, 2012
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Its when you bake bread, cookies or muffins using traditional Russian recipes then sell them to tourists.
Hey man, did you catch that awesome Russian Bake Sale downtown today? I bought a shitload of muffins!
by Flamo_the_Idiot_Boy May 05, 2012

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