Someone who is intoxicated
Don't mind him, he's just Russell Crowe right now
by kickstanddick November 30, 2004
He is a great actor and a wonderful Australian singer. He is better than anyone else you can think of. And as for you, Mr. Fatty High Priest, he has a GREAT Elvis impression.
Russell Crowe is my favorite actor!!
by Crowe's Gurl October 28, 2003
russell crowe is actually a new zealander australians cant resist that across the ditch from them new zealanders can make good actors and actress's
he was born in nz not australia
A potentially lethal alcoholic concoction. The recipe is easy, yet entirely idiotic and unhealthy. After drinking your favorite flavor of Four Loko about a fourth of the way, simply add a shot of tequila and a 5-Hour Energy to the can and mix well. Once you get past the awful taste and constant desire to vomit, this drink will have you yelling aggressively, punching out paparazzi, and throwing telephones at hotel workers, just like the actor Russell Crowe. Drink at your own risk.
Eduardo just shotgunned a Russell Crowe! What a fuckin' animal!
by TheloniousRex November 15, 2010
New Zealand actor who was born 6 blocks from my flat.
Gladiator, Romer Stomer, LA Confidential
by Brother Number One November 12, 2003
An actor who thinks he can sing. Possessor of the largest ego known to mankind, he is a perfect asshat. Well known for the movie Gladiator, bar brawls, biting people, and fucking married co-stars.
Russell Crowe will never work in this town again!!!
by California Girl April 28, 2005
Musically, the Australian version of an (awful) Elvis impersonator; also see: "Thirty Odd Foot of Grunt"
Listening to Russell Crowe's music band, "Thirty Odd Foot of Grunt" certainly makes me wish that Russell would've simply stuck to acting.

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