the famous nymphomaniac comedian and big mouth,got issues and one leichester square host who girls think is handsome he is a sharp witty selfish person who talks about his ball bags on big brothers big mouth and rephers his cock as a dinkle he is very funny and doesn't give a shit ages ago he was claimed by a women she was drug raped by him at the edinburgh party(edinburgh festeval)and she was found lieng on russells bed(they did the DNA test the results were he didn't)russell is a flasher when brand won an award bob geldof started the speach of with 'russell brand...what a cunt' when geldof was hosting an award thing....
'russell brand....what a cool,sophisticated cunt'
russell brand ouotes:our issue today is 'is our beauty making us ugly'.
Little paul scholes is here everyone.
I've got issues with that.
'i'd do everything to you'(russell brand impersonates spiral Ex housemate from big brother).
Nice to be a lesbian.

by Jackroll September 23, 2006
Top Definition
A dumbass, hippie, English comedian, that thinks Americans are dumb cowboys.
Did you hear what Russell Brand said about President Bush at the MTV music awards. What an idiot. This English fool should stick to his job and avoid political issues. Especially since he does not know what he's talking about.
by SiLentThReaD September 11, 2008
A Noxious Oily Parastic Secretion found between the Buttocks of Z-List celebrities like Jonathon R(w)oss. A person afflicted with Russell Brand has little hope of recovery, as its narcotic secretions lull the victim into complete delusion.
Reporter: 'Man, whats that evil stench?'

Jonathon Woss: 'Oh Sowwy mate, me Wussell Bwands is pwayin' up a bit at the mo'.

Katy Perry: 'Jeez, I must change my stinkin' under-skidders, the smell is makin' me want to puke my ring!'

Russell Brand: ' Oh Verily, and Gadzooks, the Rotten Stench from Thy Crotch is Me,.... Sir Russell Of Brands,... Aborted Foetus of Jo Brand, Forsooth... and Verily!
by Simon Cowells Underpants January 07, 2010
The lucky bastard that married Katy Perry.
Guy 1: Hey did you hear that Katy Perry is now the wife of Russell Brand?

Guy 2: Yeah, I'd kill to be in his place- He gets to bang Katy Perry!

Guy 1: Me too!!
by JustinBieberSux July 05, 2011
The fantastical presenter of Big Brother's Big Mouth and Russell Brand's Got Issues.
Russell Brand's views on (insert topic here) are so extreme that Bob Geldof gave him six thumbs up.
by AndTheCrowdGoesWild September 08, 2006
An English comedian and presenter with a quick, witty sense of humour and an original pirate/rock'n'roller-esque dress sense.
Russell brand is by far the coolest, funniest person on TV.
by Lucy June 02, 2006
He's a stand-up comedian who has been reported to of quit Big Brother's Big Mouth. He's battled drugs addictions and presents a radio show. (he has cool hair)
Russell Brand is funny
by Tazi March 10, 2007

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