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n. all women's college located in Troy, NY. Located near RPI, it was originally created to average out the IQ in the city. A home for women who have all the qualifications but have yet to be labelled by the government as 'mentally retarded'. The college does, however, provide for ample, one-time sexual partners for the intercourse-starved male students (read: all of them) at RPI
Did you hear? It's 'Velcro is just one option' day at Russell Sage!

by DoubleBallHanger June 03, 2006
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n. all women's college located in Troy, NY where the only thing to do is get hammered at RPI with the geeksquad fraternities. Chances of getting laid and actually liking
Russell Sage-not a girls school without men but a women's school without boys
by Angel January 20, 2005
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