A potentially lethal alcoholic concoction. The recipe is easy, yet entirely idiotic and unhealthy. After drinking your favorite flavor of Four Loko about a fourth of the way, simply add a shot of tequila and a 5-Hour Energy to the can and mix well. Once you get past the awful taste and constant desire to vomit, this drink will have you yelling aggressively, punching out paparazzi, and throwing telephones at hotel workers, just like the actor Russell Crowe. Drink at your own risk.
Eduardo just shotgunned a Russell Crowe! What a fuckin' animal!
by TheloniousRex November 15, 2010
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An actor who was born in New Zealand in '64. He loves to act but loves one thing more: fightin' 'round the world! He fights his directors and he fights his fans; it's a problem no one understands. If there are two things he loves it's fighting and...fightin' round the world!
"Oy! you wanna fight eh!?"

"My fightin's poetry! You don't edit Russell Crowe's poetry ya testicle!"

"Oh my god it's Russell Crowe! Oh me me me bleh bleh bleh! Why don't you mind your own business ya scrotum!?"

"...it looks like if we're gonna get into more fights, we're gonna have to go look for 'em!"

"Making movies, making music, and fightin' 'round the world!"
by FRTW October 22, 2005
Toughest guy on the face of the earth.
Don't fuck with Russell Crowe.
by kickstanddick November 30, 2004
1. Someone who loves making movies and loves making songs, but there's just one thing that he loves even more: Fighting 'round the world!

2. To lose your temper on the phone and throw the offending object at the face of the nearest person.
1. That Russell Crowe sure loves fightin'!

2. (sigh) John just got taken away by the police for pulling a Russell Crowe with his cell phone in the restaraunt.
by Pyro September 02, 2005
-an excellent actor or synonimous to excellence in acting
-Someone who's very dedicated and focus to his craft.
-who makes great movies
-a very misunderstood person
I wish many actors are as talented as Russell Crowe.
by Delphic Oracle August 19, 2006
Is all that is MAN
by toothlessmango September 29, 2009
A succesful australian actor who still calls australia home. go russ!
cant say much for his singing though..
by returnfrom86 August 01, 2005
Someone who is intoxicated
Don't mind him, he's just Russell Crowe right now
by kickstanddick November 30, 2004

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