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The biggest twat on Tv.
Also any other man who decides to wear hiedeous Hippie clothing and neck ties.
"Well excuse me your MAJESTY!" -russel brand
"Shut the fuck up you fake hippie twat" -90% of the population
by Araxmas June 13, 2006
Biggest dip-shit to ever live. This is mainly because of the fact that he somehow managed to get the most beautiful girl in the world.
Guy: "Hey, Russel Brand is on TV."

Guy 2: "I hate him."

Guy: "Well, at least he's funny!"

Guy 2: "BS, this guy can't be funny for his life."

Guy: "I guess you're right."
by CONQUISTADORmv December 27, 2011
An British comedian who is so British that he sounds like an American with a bad British accent.
You: "Have you ever heard that guy, Russel Brand?"
Friend: "No"
You: "Oh, He's this british comedian that is so British he sounds like an American with a bad British accent"
Friend: "What"
by Holland Oates July 03, 2010
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