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Located in Rusk, TX this is one of the shittiest, most anti-fag schools you can possibly go to. With the highest pregnancy rate in East Texas and at one time the entire state, this school is full of chavs, wiggers, whores, and of course rednecks who hate on you if you dress in anything other than cowboy boots and ten-gallon hats. This school adopts an "I got swag" attitude no matter what social group you interact with. The teachers are assholes and the school board spends all its money on the shitty football team. Do NOT come here.
Tom: "Hey did you hear about that Rusk High School place?"

John: "Oh you mean the school full of whores and close-minded Christians?"

Tom: "Yeah, I heard that they do nothing but fuck each other all day and ride horses in the cafeteria."

John: "I used to go there, they totally do."
by YouKnowWhoIAmAlreadyDontYou July 03, 2012

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