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A Klingon prison planet adjescent to Trilithium mining asteroids. It is said that serving on Rura Penthe is a fate worse than death, with unbearable and almost uninhabitable mining facilities alongside the most ruthless convicts in the universe. In Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, after the murder of Klingon ambassador Garok while aboard the Enterprise, Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy were wrongly sentenced to life on Rura Penthe, but managed to escape thanks to a very intricate plan. More recently, in Star Trek (2009), the Romulan mining leader, Captain Nero, was exiled to Rura Penthe and managed to escape after 25 years once his futuristic ship, the Narada, was fully repaired and capable of taking on the entire Klingon security fleet around the planet.
"Captain, the death penalty has been commuted. However, you will be sentenced to serve in the Rura Penthe Trilithium mines for the rest of your natural lives."
-Klingon High Council
by Razorglove May 30, 2011
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