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Created in 2001 at Illinois State University, this slang term is used to describe extremely cool events. However, unlike the term cool, rupo refers exclusively to: a) the sense of euphoria and happiness from pleasurable experiences or b) anticipation of a pleasurable experience.

Drafted from the short phenomenan of the slang term "rufus" in the movie Never Been Kissed'", "rupo" was born to give Generation X and Y a unique word to descibe their euphoria. Since it's debute, it's spread across the country has been through grassroots efforts including word of mouth and the occasional merchandising.
Example Uses:
• "We just went skydiving, that was so rupo!"

• "The Titans just beat the Colts. The game was totally rupo."

• "I can't wait for my friends to get here, tonight is going to be rupo."
by GGWRupo July 04, 2009
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