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Penitentary jargon. A fool;a moron;a young inexperienced person of low intelligence.
Hey Whitey,check out the "fresh fish"is he a RUMPKIN or what,haha?
by T.J. Jackson November 26, 2003
A sexual act in which a male urinates while having his anus licked by a close, intimate, partner. Often confused with a reverse blumpkin,in which a male receives fellatio while his partner defecates. This the true antonym of blumpkin.
I knew Becky was a keeper when she was comfortable enough for me to pee in front of her, but I knew she was the "one" when she gave me a rumpkin.
by Chicken McBloodybutthole October 13, 2005
The opposite of a blumpkin. Getting your salad tossed while taking a piss.
My dirty ex girlfriend Martina, loved give me a nice long rumpkin while I was taking a piss!
by Garbonzozo July 08, 2010
Rump-kin: a person who is a hobo type without attention or care to their appearance, hygeine;
A person who wears a mullett and gets evicted from low rent trailer parks.
:A couch surfer
That guy driving the old car with a mattress tied to the roof wearing the yard sale ball cap is such a rumpkin!
by G. Stevens October 23, 2007
a large black ass with it's own gravitational pull
she's got a rumpkin thats why i love her
by steffie&dan January 24, 2009
an ass the is plump and round like a pumpkin
Yo Hommy, check out the rumpkin on my honey. That baby has back!
by Marty MACFly November 01, 2004