An old flamer, usually in his mid to late 50's who keeps a close eye on the male rump. No one is safe from this guy, and he has a really bad case of "wandering hands." This term is derived from polish and/or irish background, and members of the Bonior family earned the name, which is why it is common today.
HEY, watch it! Don't let your wandering hands get anywhere near my ass! I hear the castro district is common mating grounds for Rump-Rangers
by RealRapRaw October 12, 2014
Someone who likes in the rump or gives it up the rump.
Brett MR. "Wise"man...Just because he like boys, therefore hes a rump ranger
by MR. FROTO aka Caleb May 14, 2006
The participant who "inserts" himself into his "butt puppet".
Brad is Gavin's Rump Ranger.
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
One who explores the ass, and anal cavaties for one owns pleasure. Usually for gay men, that like men. Seriously, they have sex in the but.
The rump ranger relieved himself on Gary.
by Adibidibi March 04, 2003
a sodomite
" It was back in 1982 or maybe 83
that thousands of rump rangers all
contracted HIV
Nobody knew what caused it but they began to die..
Dead Rump Rangers In The Sky
Yippie i o Yippie i aaayyy.
Dead Rump Rangers In the Sky"
(to the tune of Ghost riders in the sky.
by J E. Walker April 26, 2003
rump may also be an acronym for the following: Ram it Up My Pooper. Slang term for one who prefers engaging in anal sex.
Stop looking at my ass you Rump Ranger!
by lokicaj August 29, 2006
one of the best lowgrav servers from a few years ago, too bad it went down.
rump rangers lowgrav tfc pwns.
by x0rcist December 30, 2003
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