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Two different types:

Stomach Rumblies: when you can feel a rumbling sensation in your stomach and know that you're either going to throw up or drop deuce

Ass Rumblies: when you feel a rumbling sensation in your ass and you need to find a bathroom asap
ie: "Dude, that Dominoes is definitely giving me the rumblies right now"

"Stop this car right now, I have the ass rumblies and I need to go so bad I'm getting cold sweats"
by jevek December 09, 2009
when you eat college food and you feel some bowel movement in your stomach and you need to find a bathroom immediately.
"i have the rumblies guys, im gonna go disrespect that bathroom."
by Briggs090991 December 09, 2009
a supposed stomach illness used to get the opposite sex's attention, usually used my males, basically a crappy pick up line
oh, man tailor, i have the rumblies

awww my poor teddy bear
by ninjados57 January 09, 2009
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