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Essentialy an unsually aggressive Tumble Weed.

Indigenous to rural America, the Rumble-bumble-tumble-weed has a larger mass than its Tumble Weed counterpart and is capable of travelling at higher speeds.

The kinetic energy produced by the Rumble-bumble-tumble-weed is unprecedented. Small to medium sized farm arnimals are particularly at risk as they become entangled in Rumble-bumble-tumble-weeds complex knottyness.

Typically after being subjected to a violent onslaught victims are usually found dead on the rooftops of buildings up to five miles away.

Sometimes animals are found without their skins, and sometimes much much worse...
Person A:
I have dead animals on the roof of my house. Why?

Person B:
Hmm ok... Are the animals intact?

Person A:

The chickens look fine, the pigs and the cow have no legs and no faces.

Person B:
Hmm. Was it windy last night?

Person A:
Yes. Very.

Person B:
Ah ha!

Person A:

Person B:
Twas the Rumble-bumble-tumble-weed!
by PsuedoPhilosopher October 27, 2011
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